LinkPipeline Indexing Service – Is it the Best Auto link building software service?

When we began our research into LinkPipeline our goal was to find other reviews and test its effectiveness for long term indexing. Since we were familiar with other indexing services and read the WarriorForum / BlackhatWorld, a very interesting piece of evidence came from the leader in the field –

LinkPipeline Review

After looking through the forums we found out there were very little people vouching for Matt Callen’s LinkPipeline, since they noted the links were not sticking well, which meant it was short term gains in indexing, followed by a long term drop off.

LinkPipeline link indexing service

Even though Link Pipeline appears to be a true competitor, they are not as transparent with their approach or methods. They simply state they will get you backlinks, but the short term results experienced were most likely due to pinging/crawling vs long term links.

why index backlinks

LinkPipeline does not address what types of links, or how many are built to each url (which is very important). BacklinksIndexer gives an overview of types of links built, and around 13-15 links built per url to ensure indexing, boosting, and ranking improvements.

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